About Us

Quality for All Maryland is the advocacy center of the Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM). In this unprecedented time, we must unite to support nursing homes, their staff, and the people in their care. We need policies that provide testing, PPE, staff support, and funding to help nursing homes battle the pandemic and prepare for the future.

Our Mission

To protect quality care in Maryland nursing homes.

Nursing homes have been on the front lines since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They have faced many challenges. Thanks to dedicated healthcare heroes, nursing homes continue to provide quality care and save lives. Together, we must protect that quality care for our most vulnerable citizens.

Our Issues

Nursing homes in Maryland provide quality care to people in need. These people are most at risk from COVID-19. As we continue to fight the pandemic, nursing homes need resources and support. They need testing, PPE, funding, and staff support. To see how you can help, click HERE.