About Us

Quality for All Maryland is the advocacy center of the Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM). We provide educational resources and advocacy tools designed to help healthcare advocates, providers, community members, and legislators come together to protect quality care for our most vulnerable citizens.

In the current political climate, it easy to forget that policy changes have drastic impacts on real people: patients, providers, residents, family members, and neighbors. We are here to put a face on quality care providers in Maryland and advocate for the patients they serve.

To become an advocate and get involved, sign up HERE. Only through our combined efforts can we achieve our goal of protecting quality care for all Marylanders in need.

Our Mission

To educate and advocate for continued and affordable quality care in Maryland.

By bringing awareness to the realities of long-term and post-acute care to both community members and legislators, we can protect funding and provide support for critical programs that impact the elderly and disabled at both the state and federal level.

Our Issues

Nursing homes in Maryland provide quality care to those in need. With an increasingly aging population, healthcare will only get more expensive over the course of the next decade. Our team monitors healthcare policies and regulations that impact the long-term and post-acute care industry. To learn more about our current issues and to see how you can help, click HERE.